PCI Graphic Card: About PCIe type graphic cards

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express(PCIe) is a PC expansion card standard available to mainstream computers. It is an improvement of earlier PCI graphic cards; and one of the latest standard bus expansion peripheral used to connect the host system processor with add-on peripherals, such as expansion video cards and built-in integrated circuits (ICs).

Virtually all modern PCs, from desktops and consumer laptops to enterprise data servers use the PCIe standard as the primary advanced motherboard-level interconnect communication channel. The PCIe electrical interface provides better performance-scaling for peripheral bus devices, such as printer, modem and scanner and gives better native hot plug functionality. Moreover, the PCIe graphic card gives better error detection and reporting mechanism.


External PCIe peripherals such as PCIe desktop video cards can be used to enhance the overall maximum system bus throughput. For instance, an external PCIe desktop video card often gives a notebook the graphic power of a desktop. A PCIe network card, on the other hand, typically gives faster web connection speeds than low-speed network expansion peripheral, such as 802.11 Wi-Fi network card.

Notebooks that don’t have built-in PCI graphic card interfaces can use external PCIe cards that come housed in PCIe card hubs, complete with a power supply and cooling system. These external card hubs provide an ExpressCard slot where full-sized PCIe cards can be slotted. Connection with the notebook is established using a connection cable. Desktops will usually have an expansion slot inside the PC casing where a PCIe card can be fitted.

Bottom line

Although latest laptops are coming with even more advanced docking stations, video cards and either DVI-D interfaces or DVI-D pass through port replicators, PCI Express cards still provide a powerful motherboard-level interconnection link.

In industrial applications, for example, PCI Express provides a useful passive backplane system connect link. For the general consumer, however, PCI Express offers a powerful expansion interface to meet your add-in peripheral system needs.

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