PayPal's complaint against Google on the web

We reported yesterday on PayPal suing Google for misappropriation of trade secrets, in which they accused former employee Osama Bedier of peddling their info to their rival, just as the two companies were negotiating a deal. Now PayPal’s complaint is on the web, and makes for some very mucky reading.

They claim the following: PayPal and Google were in talks late last year about using PayPal for payments in Android Market. Bedier was supposed to be handling those talks, which were supposed to conclude in October. However, he was also interviewing for a mobile payments position at Google at the same time. They say that he initially refused the job offered and told his bosses about it (and saying he would stay), before leaving a month later. Once he was hired, Google then killed talks with Paypal and created Google Wallet.

Now, in California information that is economically valuable, not well known (and has been tried to be kept a secret by its owners) is a trade secret. On top of that contracts preventing employee poaching are, according to Engadget, enforceable in Cali to the extent that they're needed to protect trade secrets possessed by those employees. So according to this laws, PayPal probably has a very good case – if it’s all true. This one looks good for months of rumour and counter rumour, doesn’t it?

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