PayPal sues Google over Google Wallet

Google only unveiled their whizzy new idea Google Wallets yesterday afternoon, and already they’re facing stern legal action from PayPal, who are suing the search engine giant – as well as two new employees who defected from PayPal – for misappropriating trade secrets and sharing them with retailers.

They claim that Osama Bedler, Vice-President of Payments, who has only been at Google since January, was trying to install its tech as a mobile payment option in Android before he moved to Google, and as such gave them a load of ideas for their Google Wallet. They also claim that he has been trying to lure their staff to Google since he moved away. Another ex-employee, Stephanie Tilenius, who you can see demonstrating Google Wallet with Bedler below, is also being sued because Pay Pal believe she was behind his jumping ship. This one is going to run and run, ladies and gentlemen.

‘PayPal provided Google with an extensive education in mobile payments,’ said PayPal. ‘Bedier was the senior PayPal executive accountable for leading negotiations with Google…at the very point when the companies were negotiating and finalising the Android/PayPal deal, Bedier was interviewing for a job at Google…’

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