Rockstar has made the gamer's world just that little bit more complete with some new Max Payne 3 updates, which contain not only more details about the game itself, but also sexy new screenshots. Ooooooh.

The new game is set 12 years after the end of Max Payne 2, and takes place in Sao Paolo, one of the countries most dangerous cities. Grumpy old Max has long left the NYPD and is now working as personal protection for a wealthy family in the city. Apparently he's even more violent and more world weary' than ever before. Sounds good, no?

The game has been developed by Rockstar Vancouver, and they've been 'working with brand-new particle physics technology to deliver spectacular, highly advanced close-quarters combat, an intelligent cover system, and constantly varied gameplay in every level'. This gets us dribbling in a slightly naughty way.

Check out the link to CVG below to goggle at the screenshots.

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