Pay to use Twitter?

Have we seen the end of free-to-use Twitter? That’s the question fans of the social networking site were asking today, after its co-founding CEO stepped down to make way for a man charged with turning tweets into hard cold dollar signs.

Evan Williams co-founded Twitter in 2006 and in its rapid rise to mainstream communications has seen it become one of the leading site on t’internet (190 million users & 165 million daily tweets at last count), but as of today Williams takes up the new role of Product Strategy. The most interesting news is that Dick Costello has been internally promoted to Twitter’s CEO – he only joined from Google a couple of years ago tasked with making the website money.

As well as rumours doing the rounds that Twitter could take on a pay-subscription model it’s also refuelled the rumour that Google could snap up the website. We shall see.

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