Password is no longer the most popular password

Despite the continual information from websites and IT experts about smart passwords with numbers, letters, symbols and capital and lower case letters, the second most popular password is “password”. For a long time it was the most popular one, but its demotion doesn’t necessarily mean that people have learnt as it’s been replaced at the top of the list with the equally idiotic “12345”.

Other users tend to use the website’s name as the basis for the password, which is also pretty obvious as Morgan Slain, SplashData’s CEO explained in a statement: “Seeing passwords like 'adobe123' and 'photoshop' on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing.”

Other favourite passwords included “qwerty”, “iloveyou” and “abc123”. Number combinations were pretty common in the survey but it was the consecutive numbers that the report highlighted as being just too obvious.

The survey was inspired by the Adobe hack which led to 38 million passwords being released on the net. Hopefully publishing the finding will make people more aware of the need for a strong password.

The statement accompanying the results offered a few password protection tips for keeping your logon secure. The recommendations include using at least 8 characters which should be a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords with spaces separating them are strong because they’re long but pretty easy to remember. The final recommendation was to avoid using the same password on lots of different sites.

We’re glad that people were willing to share their passwords for the survey but equally unimpressed that users did so. Keeping your password secret is just as important as choosing one that’s hard to work out. Remembering passwords can be difficult if you’re not a regular user of a website but getting a password reminder through is no big deal. As long as you can remember the password for your Email account that is.

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