Top 5 password diaries

Password diaries are innovative products that let you keep your privacy by locking journals away from curious and prying eyes. It's an electronic notebook protected by a personal password - only you and no one else can take a peek. Say goodbye to squabbles in the household with these gadgets that let you record your innermost thoughts and feelings.

3 cool password diaries products

1. Nickelodeon Victorious Password Journal - These password diaries respond to voice cues with spring doors that open when it recognises the magic word(s). It features an aux input jack for easy connection to an iPod, MP3 or CD player. Uses 3 AAA batteries. Store special moments and memories in this magical diary.

2. My Secret Diary - Used on the Nintendo DS platform, it is a game that includes a diary. Users, however, say that it has a limited memory. You can only speak for a certain length of time and in addition, the game can only be used once a day. Otherwise, it thinks it is the next calendar day - which is not exactly the way a diary works when times and dates are crucial in recording events. When buying second hand, make sure that you know the pass code as then the game is inoperable. It includes a calendar and fun games.

3. Password Journal - A product of Mattel, this electronic journal is kept safe with a password. Ever wondered if someone else is trying to get to your diary? This journal has an 'intruder alert' warning you that others are trying to look at your stuff. In addition, it has a new feature for building a secondary password that is also voice-activated making sure that your private journal stays confidential. It features dual lights, loose paper, clips, and storage space.

Reviews are mixed on this diary with most expressing satisfaction in the product. Definitely a great diary for teens and tweens as the device can only be opened with the voice of the owner (exact pitch and tone). The notebook is convenient because you can replace it when pages are running out. The invisible ink also gives secrecy to messages and entries. A major complaint is the difficulty in getting the password to work but once it's done, it functions well.

2 other handy devices

1. My Secret World by Imagine - Another model of password diaries, this game cum diary works on the Nintendo DS platform. It opens by entering a four-digit code. You get to record your entries, take quizzes, and play games. The user picks a mood to show feelings and the type of personality and an avatar that can be dressed up. Owners of this device complained that after 50-60 pages of recording, there is no space left for new entries.

2. YM Diary - Install this CD on your computer and start filling your diary. In addition to password protection, it can be customised with different fonts, shapes, and colours. You can also include pictures, videos, and music for more fun. There are several categories to help you categorise your entries from relationships and family to school and holidays.

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