Party saver

We love services like Spotify and its browser-based rival, Grooveshark. But making almost every song ever instantly available makes it very hard to control a party. Once, the DJ could fob off any naff requests by saying they simply didn't own the record in question. But nowadays, it's all on a laptop, so you end up with a gang of people hovering by the stereo waiting to pounce in, put on Florence & The Machine, and spoil everyone's night.

Well, technology has come to the rescue - and pleasingly, this doesn't involve a bloody iPhone App. DJTxt lets your guests add songs to your party playlist with that oldest-skool tech, the text message.

Install the DJTxt bookmark in your browser and open up Grooveshark, and you'll be given a special number your guests can text with their requests. The system seems pretty good at deciphering your friends' drunken texts, as this video demonstrates:

This looks like it could transform the party as we know it - though for now, you'll have to spend money texting a US number to make it work. Just be careful you don't send any normal texts to it by mistake, or you could be queueing up such horrors as 'Shut Up' by Kelly Osbourne or 'Can You Bring Some Vodka?' by the Proclaimers. OK, we made that last one up.

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