Our pick of paper shredders from Argos

When you’re throwing away documents, bank statements or receipts which contain confidential or personal information such as your account numbers or sensitive financial information, it’s wise to invest in a paper shredder.

Simply feed your unwanted documents into these clever gadgets and the blades will cut them into tiny strips or fragments to make it very difficult for anyone to piece together your private papers.

To give you an idea of features and prices, we’ve picked three excellent paper shredders currently on sale at Argos.

  • Argos Value Range Strip Cut Paper Shredder – This model is ideal for light use and will accept up to five sheets of A4 at a time for shredding into strips. It has a seven litre waste basket and a shredding speed equivalent to three metres per minute. Features include auto start/ stop and protection against overheating. It measures 22.8cm x 31.5cm x 14.8cm and costs £10.99.
  • Bush 17L Sheet Cross Cut Shredder – This mighty machine can handle up to 10 sheets of A4 and not only chews up staples, but also makes mincemeat of credit cards, CDs and DVDs. Features include auto start/ stop, reverse and safety cut-out. It measures 37cm x 34.8cm x 23.6cm and is priced at £34.99.
  • Fellowes DS-1 Cross Cut Paper Shredder – This stylish model has a whopping 18 litre waste basket and can tackle up to 11 sheets of A4 at a time, dicing them into tiny cross-cut pieces. It also gobbles up staples, credit cards and paper clips which is a great time saver. Features include auto start/ stop/ reverse and auto cut-out when the bin is removed, or when the machine senses that hands are too close to the shredder opening. It measures 55.4cm x 39.3cm x 27.4cm and costs £89.89.


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