Where to buy Panasonic Lumix Cameras in the UK

The Lumix digital camera range from Panasonic uss the latest Panasonic technology to capture perfect clarity pictures, with a different camera model for each purpose as well as a variety of additional accessories. All Lumix cameras use iA (Intelligent Auto) mode which activates the camera's face recognition technology, scene selector, lighting controls and Quick AF to modify the camera for any kind of shooting mode automatically.

Features of a Lumix Camera

If you want the best benefits from your camera, buy one suited for purpose. The Lumix model of cameras are designed for different shooting modes and purposes, from simple holiday snaps to wildlife photography. All cameras already have:

  • Face recognition technology for up to six people.
  • Wide angle lens.
  • Improved zoom quality compared to other model lines.
  • High definition movie recording (selected models).
  • Intelligent LCD screen function with automatic adjustment to light changes.

The most popular models of the Lumix range are the Super Zoom models, Stylish Compact models, the G Micro System with creative HD video recording, the DMC-TZ10 super zoom compact and the DMC-FT2 tough waterproof model. To find the right Lumix camera you should consider going direct to Panasonic themselves, or visit their website at panasonic.co.uk.

Buying Panasonic Lumix Cameras from UK Retailers

Here's a short list of the retailers you can expect to stock the Lumix Panasonic camera, if you prefer to go directly in shop to purchase one:

John Lewis






Amazon (Online only)

PC World


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