Panasonic joins the Android party

We don't know if this is what Google intended, but its Android smartphone software - which is free and easy to install on handsets - has made it simple for a lot of general electronics manufacturers, like LG and Samsung, to thrive in the smartphone market - while specialised phone makers, like Nokia and Palm, suffer.

Now another electronics conglomerate is joining the party. Japan's Panasonic have announced they're developing Android handsets, to be sold in Japan from next year. They should make their way to us the following year. You, dear reader, could turn heads at the London Olympics by tweeting (or whatever we're doing instead by then) on your early-adopter Panasonics smartphone!

Of course, by then the iPhone 6 will be out, presumably with pixels so small you need a microscope to see them and seventeen cameras or something (or, being Apple, they'll have managed to get rid of the one remaining button), so who knows if Panasonic's starter efforts are going to take off. But it's just another sign that it's computer and electronics manufacturers, not the phone gods of yesteryear, who will own the smartphone world.

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