We find 2 of the best Panasonic cameras digital on the market!

It is absolutely essential that everyone has a quality digital camera to capture the memories. What good is a cheap camera when you are on your holidays or want to take christening pictures? It is an investment to last you a lifetime and Panasonic cameras digital are among the best in the world.

Comet has a wide selection of Panasonic digital cameras on their website, comet.co.uk. At the moment, they have a great deal on the Panasonic DMC S3EB-K model. This camera includes a whopping 14MP lens as well as 4x optical zoom.

The camera features video mode, night mode, red eye reduction and intelligent scene recognition. As well as this it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for a longer life. You can easily connect the camera to your computer with a USB lead that comes free with the camera. This can be yours for the great price of just £89.99, saving you £11! Log on now for more information.

Our next camera to look at the slim and stylish Panasonic DMC-FS16EB-S which is finished in a metallic grey colour. This 14MP camera is one of the best sellers and comes with 4x optical zoom.

It has a 3 inch LCD TFT to make viewing even more of a pleasure. The camera takes a standard SD card and can connect to your laptop or computer via a USB cable. Pick up this camera from comet.co.uk for the great price of just £94.99.

There are plenty of extras you can buy for either camera and you can save further by bundling your camera with memory cards and carry cases. For more, log onto comet.co.uk.


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