Thinking of investing in a Panasonic Camcorder

There has literally never been a better time to invest in a Panasonic Camcorder than now. The Japanese electrical giant ushered in 2011 with the release of a stunning range of HD Camcorders, which are truly cutting edge.

The HDC range enjoy a stunning feature set, with optional 3D filming capabilities and "Advanced 3MOS System" for improved image quality, shipping as standard. Camcorder staples like ghosting and flaring have been suppressed thanks to the cutting edge F1.5 Leica Dicomar Lens.

The Lens works by seperating the light received through it into the three primary colours, then processing each one seperately. This allows for greater colour quality and detail. The "Crystal Engine PRO" processes the data required for full HD film, providing crisp and clear images.

Panasonic has also improved the optical image stabilisation system on their camcorders, something which has been a problem in previous Panasonic ranges.

All four of the new models feature a vibrant 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, with the user able to touch a position on the LCD to activate slow zooming on the camcorder.

All four of the new range are currently available in stores, with prices starting at around 800 pounds.

2011 should see a revolution in the type of digital camcorders going on sale, with High Definition picture, and optional 3D functionality becoming the norm. So, perhaps it is worth waiting until closer to Christmas to make an investment in one of these cameras, as the price will likely have dropped to something more palatable.

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