Keep your movie making on track with Panasonic batteries for the VW VBK 360

With the summer season now in full swing, holiday makers and proud parents across the United Kingdom will be dusting off their trusty camcorders and capturing some of summer's most magical moments - but one thing that is often overlooked tends to be camcorder batteries.

After having your camcorder locked away unused for so long, especially given the fact that many people only use them during their summer holidays, it's easy to forget that your battery life may have become reduced over time as they tend to do. Best practice tends to be to drain the battery completely before putting the camcorder away for storage, while disconnecting the battery from the device and storing them separately. This ensures that there is no continual charge draining from the battery's capacity, and means that when you charge up again for the first time you'll get a truer representation of the available battery life on offer for your device.

Even if you do follow this routine, there is absolutely no harm in having a spare battery or two to ensure that you don't miss any once in a lifetime memories while on your holidays. There are many sites offering Panasonic batteries for the VW VBK 360 camcorder online, with some offering better deals than others, so before you jump in and order from your local camera store, take a look to see if you could save yourself some money.

jessops.com have offer the 3580mAh, 3.6v Lithium Ion VW VBK360 battery for just £89.95, which represents the best value we have found - just pipping the official Panasonic website to the title of cheapest. Something else we found that might come in handy is the VW VBK360 battery travel charger on offer from digitalmediastore.co.uk for just £10.99 including delivery. This kit will allow you to charge your battery abroad, and from the cigarette lighter adapter in your car, with the minimum of fuss making it an ideal addition to your holiday travel list.


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