Pamela Anderson still a hot online property

Queen Pam is still always among the most searched for terms on the web...but where is she and what is she doing now? Out of curiosity, and as anyone connected with Baywatch is experiencing a retro revival thanks to the Hoff, WebTwitcher has dug around and uncovered that the busty blonde has got a rather good website which includes its very own Pam TV channel!

Certainly, a quick search reveals there are still at least 4 million results for her online. And the number of tribute sites is equally staggering. If you want to stay abreast with her latest antics, you can read her online diary, which seems to be regularly updated by the sexy siren herself.

WebTwitcher wonders if it's the Baywatch effect, or whether celebrities from that particular television era are forever destined for internet success. What's happened to MacGyver, for instance, apart from becoming an expression (doing a MacGyver: to make something amazing out of random objects)? I will investigate to see if we can expect a new web phenomenon in the very near future...


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