Palm Pre 2 is on its way

It's the best smartphone you've never heard of - the Palm Pre. Released last year, it was the great hope of the once-leading smartphone manufacturer Palm to retake a bit of the market from the all-conquering iPhone. It had really lovely software, called WebOS, that pioneered multitasking and social networking integration. But it didn't sell all that well.

So Palm - now owned by HP - is having another go. The Palm Pre 2 isn't much of an upgrade hardware-wise, though the processor is bumped to a healthy 1GHz. The real change is in the software - for the Pre 2 is packing WebOS 2. (OK, 'HP WebOS 2' as it's now known.) The new version features further improvements to multi-tasking and social integration, and a new more powerful search function.

It's an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary leap, sure, and WebOS still doesn't have the millions of apps to choose from you can find on iOS or Android. But it multi-tasking is central to you - and you like a real-button keyboard - you might want to take a look at the Pre 2 when it comes out, unlocked, on Friday, available direct from HP.

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