For a great deal check out Palicomp Computers

Around for the best part of the last decade, Palicomp Computers have been synonymous with excellence in the UK home computer market for quite a while now. They differentiate themselves from the crowd by offering quality face-to-face service, excellent customer support and deals that you simply won't find elsewhere.

Specialising in custom built computers, Palicomp have a reputation for building fast, reliable machines. However, most importantly they offer great value machines to order for their customers - whether they want simple PCs for their office, or high performance computers for specialised graphic design or video gaming.

But it's not just desktop computers where they excel - Palicomp also offer PC accessories as well as laptops, plus unrivalled computer repair and maintenance services. Most importantly, if you urgently require your new computer, Palicomp can have it built, tested and dispatched to you within twenty four hours with their next working day Q-Jump service, all for just £25.

And if that wasn't enough for you, they've now added finance facilities to their list of services. You can apply for credit over the phone, and if accepted by their finance provider after a quick check, you'll be able to choose from two types of finance to finance your purchase.

You can get in touch with Palicomp Computers on the web at www.palicomp.co.uk, by phone at 01270 898 104, by fax at 01270 214 333 or by popping into their store in person.

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