Painfully funny

Every now and again during our desk-bound, hunch-backed careers, a piece of satire comes along that so perfectly sums up everything that is wrong with newspapers and journalism in the web era, whether it be terrifyingly dull puff pieces that often pass for writing on new social networking trends, or just general banality. Usually The Onion says what we all want to say, only funnier.

This time they’ve slapped the nail slap bang on the head, with their piss take of Foursquare, some social networking tool that is like Facebook and Twitter and all the others, but not as popular. It’s a few hundred words of comic genius, accompanied with a fabulous screen grab with an arrow pointing directly at a ‘young professional who can’t be pandered to enough’, so read it, right here, and savour the pay off.

‘And now that you're all caught up, take it away, final miserable paragraph: The current mayor of her local coffee shop and the young woman we've selected to represent young people everywhere, Jen Galanos, 26, has so far earned a free cappuccino and two hours of Wi-Fi. But while she likes the rewards, she said they're only a fringe benefit of an application that, as we suspected, The New York Times has already creamed its jeans and tripped all over itself in a rush to cover. Here's the f**king link: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/19/technology/internet/19foursquare.html?_r=1’

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