PadZilla invades

Got an iPad? Great, isn't it? But don't you ever wish it was the size of a large table?

We're kind of kidding, but kind of not.

You see, a company named Crunchy Logistics thinks you might actually want an iPad a metre wide or more. Their new Padzilla is an ipad add-on - though really you add your iPad to the Padzilla more than the other way round - which blows your screen up to giant size, all fully-functioning as a touchscreen.

How big? Up to 150in along the diagonal from one corner to the far corner, which is about three times longer than biggest TV you're likely to - making it about nine times larger in terms of surface area.

Though we think this looks like a niche product if ever there was one, it is pretty nifty. You just plug your iPad - or iPhone 3GS or 4 - into the slot and off you go. No jailbreaking required, and no special software to install. We reckon if they made a TV with a slot for an iPad on top they'd potentially have a winner on their hands.

There's just one problem: a touchscreen of such size doesn't come cheap. Crunchy Logistics (what a name!) say the Padzilla, each of which will be custom-made, will come in at around $30-40,000 for a 70in model, and presumably an awful lot more for the full 150in version. So definitely more of a millionaire's plaything. But they're up for renting them out, apparently, so expect to see them cropping up at launch events for new iPad software if nothing else.


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