Padded lampposts for texters…

According to Yahoo! News, the vast number of people who text as they walk has led to a new scheme being trialled in London. A scheme that will soon spread across other UK’s major cities. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the padded lamppost.

Have you ever been happily walking down the street, texting your friends, only to smack forehead first into a nasty metal post?

Well we haven’t. We look where we’re going. But apparently enough people have, so lampposts are to be wrapped in padding to protect the general public.

Sorry if we seem cruel, but being able to walk around without bumping into a lamppost is a survival skill. Anybody incapable of this feat really deserves to fall prey to natural selection, and we would personally nominate them for a Darwin Award.

If this new initiative is representative of the modern world, we don’t need padded lampposts, we need a whole lot more padded cells. No texters were harmed in the making of this blogpost.

(Image: from moriza’s flickr stream)

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