Pad Planet

How successful is the iPad? 'Very', you might think. You've seen the stories about millions sold, seen the queues sneaking around the block outside your local Apple Store when the iPad 2 launched.

But here's a new statistic that proves that not only is the iPad selling like hotcakes, but - contrary so some early predictions - people are actually using it. According to the latest figures from web number monkeys NetMarketShare, the iPad now accounts for one percent of worldwide web browsing. That's right, one in a hundred of the megabytes being sucked down the pipes to people are being sucked to an iPad. This shows that people are using Apple's tablet a lot. To put that in perspective, all the hundreds of different Android devices on sale have 2.6% together.

In the US, where the iPad has been on sale for longest, its share is even higher, at 2.1%.

This remarkable figure suggests that iPad users are rarely off the internet, and are watching a lot of video. It's good news for Apple, who can add it to the long list of impressive iPad sales figures. But it's also potentially good news for mobile phone companies, as it seems iPads are sucking down a lot of data - at least some of it expensive mobile data.

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