Pacman’s still got it!

You can stick your fancy Wii remotes and Xbox live game-playing between your bottom cheeks because when it comes to computer games is there anything more perfect, timeless and addictive than Pacman? Answer: No.

The yellow pill gobbler celebrated his 30th birthday on Friday and, to mark the special day Google turned their front page into a neat little version of the retro game. But according to stats just released it have cost the global economy a mind-boggling 4.82 million man hours, which works out at approximately $120,483,800.

Tony Wright from Rescue Time put a guesstimate that the average users spent 36 more seconds having a little go of the game, for 'old times sake / waste company time' [delete where applicable] saying: ‘for that same cost, you could hire all 19,835 Google employees, from Larry and Sergey down to their janitors, and get 6 weeks of their time.’

He also suggests that 75% of people probably didn't even know they could play the Google Pacman game, luckily.

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