Pac-Man does the hoovering

Instead of giving us ever tinier mobile phones, or ever bigger TVs with better pictures, gadget boffins should be spending their time fulfilling the 1950s fantasy of robots doing menial tasks for human beings, who have become so lazy and bourgeois that it becomes only a matter of time before they are wiped out in a bloody mechanical slave-inspired revolution, hunted down and slaughtered by the very objects they created. How very ironic.

Anyway, putting us closer to the path towards certain annihilation are the makers of the vacuum Roomba, who have created a machine that takes another chore off the hands of us selfish, spoiled middle class brats. Best of all, a group of geeks have created Roomba Pac-Man, which as the video shows us, is Pac-Man, with robotic vacuum cleaners. Laugh it up boys, the end is nigh.

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