Packard bell laptops; great quality machines at an affordable price.

Packard bell laptops have been around for ever and there is a good reason for this, they make great machines. They are a household favourite because of their pricing and PB's delivery on quality. For these reasons they are one of the worlds leading laptop manufacturers.

1. Packard Bell EasyNote NM86: This is one of their most popular models thanks to the middle of the road pricing and perfect balance of performance and battery life.

It comes with Intels i3 processor as standard and a 250gb of storage. Along with this they manage to pack in an optical drive and somehow keep a great level of battery life. For these reasons this laptop is loved.

2. Packard Bell Dot VR46: This is another great option if you are looking for a speedy little netbook. You will not get as much processing power but it is still capable of running Windows and it's applications with ease.

Another great selling point to this netbook is the screen. PB have managed to get a very nice display on this little machine. The colours are crisp and bright and the backlight helps to make everything pop.

3. Packard Bell EasyNote TM98: This is another great middle of the road machine. Again the balance of power and battery life is really good on this machine. It is a little cheaper EasyNote NM86 but this screen has a TFT coating making the colour very vibrant. Well worth check this one out too!

There you have it, three of the best offerings from Packard Bell, be sure to check them out and see if PB have a notebook for you.

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