Preview of the all new Ouya

The all new Ouya console sounds like a gamers dream - a cheap console with the potential for lots of fun games that is also open source and hackable so gamers can alter their gaming experience to suit their preferences. We take you through the benefits of owning an Ouya as well as news on upcoming games.

Smart Gaming Console

Running on the Android platform, the Ouya instantly offers a fresh and exciting alternative to consoles from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Under the hood of the Ouya is a 1.7 GHz Tegra processor with four cores, a 8GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM. This doesn't stack up too favourably with the processing power of the big three but in terms of running Android games this is more than enough.

The real beauty though comes in the open source nature of the Ouya console. It is set up so that any individual gamer can become game developers and get their games published on the Ouya game store. This will mean that creative gamers can develop entire worlds for other gamers to have fun in.

As for games that are already ready to play, week by week new titles are being added. The only bona fide game title that gamers will currently recognise is Final Fantasy III. Other than that, there are lots of newly developed "indie" games that will be ready for the launch. Ouya have released a survey monkey to get a feel for the games that future owners would like to most see. This list includes top sellers such as Skyrim, Mass Effect, Need for Speed and Call of Duty but there is also a section in the survey to type in the games you would most like to see.

The Next Generation

The Ouya could be the first step in the next generation of gaming consoles. It offers users a chance to express their creativity and develop games, as well as being a much cheaper investment than those from the current console giants. Just like any console though, the Ouya need to announce a few big title games in order to really sink their claws into the gaming market. In the meantime, get voting for those games you want to see and help get the Ouya ball rolling.

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