Outlaws to the End (part 2)

So the other day we told you about the new and free ‘Outlaws To The End’ downloadable content that Rockstar were giving away for their smash-hit western Red Dead Redemption, alongside all the patches they’ve had to release for some of the more erratic things the in-game engine has been creating. Well now they’ve given us a bit more detail about them, as well as some spiffing new screenshots, which can be seen here.

The DLC will be adding six new co-op missions for you and your mates to do (up to four players in fact), and the screenshots relate to the Kidnapped Girl mission, which as you can imagine, involved you having to rescue a kidnapped girl from beastly bandits. Fist you have to steam a fort and waste everyone you can see inside, then grab the girl and take her home to Ridgewood by stagecoach while enemy reinforcements come at you with everything they’ve got. Mean.

Other missions include Walton’s Gold, where you have to steam into a gold mine and nick as much as you can before the place blows up, and The River, where you ride a raft down a river, taking out rebel encampments along the way, before you try and take over rebel stronghold Noslida. It all sounds very good, and is on its way to you on 22 June.

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