Outlaws to the End

We’ve already written about the various glitches and oddball things that have been found in Red Dead Redemption, like the deeply disturbing Donkey Woman, and the amusing flying human beings, which can be shot down. But now Rockstar are set to clean all that stuff up, as well as offer fans of the Wild West-‘em-up brand new downloadable content – for free.

First up is a co-op mission DLC pack called ‘Outlaws To The End’, which is due for release on 22 June. The pack contains six new co-op missions, new co-op challenges, multiplayer XP rewards and the usual new Achievements and Trophies for you to unlock.

In the missions you’ll be able to recruit as many as four mates at once, working together in the usual western-style shenanigans that you find around the arid state of New Austin All free on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and all of which sounds pretty nifty, if you ask us. As well as that, Rockstar will be sending more patches, fixes and free DLC our way soon, so keep ‘em peeled, y’hear?

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