Our pick of Mp3 players

Are you looking to pick up an Mp3 player? If you are, then there's only one we can recommend thanks to it being simply the best at what it does, and that MP3 player is the iPod Classic. Here's why we love it.

The Apple iPod Classic is just a music player, pure and simple. While Apple continues to release iPods that seem to do everything else too, all we want is an iPod that plays music and has a good battery, something the iPod Classic does brilliantly!

The iPod Classic weighs in with a hefty 160 GB of portable storage. However, that's the only hefty thing about it! Despite having so much memory, it's smaller than an iPod Touch. Controlling the iPod is simplicity itself. All of the functions are carried out using the touch sensitive wheel on the front. It's a design classic!

The battery life is another massive plus for this device, with an average charge often lasting you a full week of listening. It's far less power intensive than the iPod Touch range which eat up lots of juice thanks to their huge screens. The iPod Classic screen, while not as impressive, is still more than adequate for the task it sets out to perform, and it will never let you down.

The iPod Classic is currently retailing for about £180, with special offers popping up every once in a while. If you're big into your music and require lots of storage, this is the iPod for you!

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