Our guide to securing cheap broadband

Getting a cheap broadband connection in to your home isn't the difficult task you may think it is. Companies are tripping over themselves to offer you perks and incentives to make the big switch, so there's a world of choice on the market. So what is there to look out for before signing up?

If you're setting up a new connection in your home, then the type of connection you get will generally be a contract for a set period of time (usually 12 months) and the amount of data you can download will be limited to a certain pre-determined amount. You will incur penalties if you go above this figure.

It's worth noting that leaving you internet "on" doesn't cost you anything. It's only downloads that will cost you money. For example, viewing 25 web pages usually uses up roughly 1 MB of data. So a 1 GB monthly data limit translates to 25,000 web pages, a hard to reach limit!

Connections are always getting faster for less money as technology advances. So you can expect a standard connection of around 8 mbps. There are even some internet connections with 24 mbps lines. With these faster speeds, comes more generous download limits.

It's worth noting that some providers will require that you have a phone line, so bear this in mind when you make your choice.

If you're willing to bundle your home internet with phone or tv, then you'll save further money. Most broadband providers offer these deals on their websites! So check them out today.

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