Our guide to buying second hand DSLR cameras

If you want to start getting into snapping your own professional style pictures, then a DSLR Camera is probably high up on your list. Unfortunately, these cameras don't come cheap. In fact, they cost a fortune!

The only way to bring the cost down, is to take a look at the massive market for second hand DSLR cameras for sale. You need not worry about buying a second hand camera as long as you follow a few simple steps to keep yourself safe.

First of all, it's only worth buying a DSLR if you absolutely know you want or need one. These cameras are a lifestyle choice as much as anything else. They aren't very portable or discreet, so you could be carrying it around with you and it will become an inconvenience.

The brand you choose is vital. For most serious photographers, the only brands worth mentioning are Nikon and Canon. Sure Olympus and Sony make DSLR cameras too, but if you really want impressive shots, stick with Nikon and Canon. Think of them as like the BMW and Mercedes of the camera world.

The lens is massively important, and such is the slow progress being made in the field of lenses, that it's well worth investing a lot of your available money in the lens. After all, some photographers are still using lenses from 40 years ago!

Our final tip is to make sure and pick a camera with vibration reduction, as it will make a MASSIVE difference to the quality of your photos.

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