Where can you buy the original Nintendo console?

Are you a classic gaming enthusiast looking to build yourself a tidy little collection of all the best retro consoles out there? No gaming collection is complete without the console that kicked it off for a lot of people, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and in this blog, we are going to show you where you can pick up the original Nintendo console without it costing you a fortune.

Unfortunately, as time marches on, the Nintendo Entertainment System is going to continue to become a rarer sight around the place as numbers of them up for sale continue to decline. One compromise we have found that works perfectly well is to pick up one of FC Twin's 3rd party Nes and Snes emulating consoles at http://www.gamesbasement.co.uk/consoles/retro/fc-twin-snes-nes-2-in-one-console-silver-PD-3152.html. This console plays original cartridges from both consoles, and even comes packaged with two wireless Snes style controllers. If you can't find the NES online for a reasonable price, it is the perfect compromise.

If you have your heart set on one of these fantastic consoles and you want the real deal, then we suggest you check out the Retro Gear site and their NES page at http://www.retrogearuk.co.uk/Hardware/Nintendo/NES/Nintendo-Entertainment-System-NES-Action-Set-Boxed/prod_758.html. Retro Gear have NES consoles in stock, but they will cost you £89.99, which is unfortunately the going rate for them these days online.

If you can spot one for cheaper from a power seller on www.ebay.co.uk then we recommend you pick it up. Make sure it is a PAL console before you go splashing out though.

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