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Order & Chaos online is one of the most playable fully 3D MMORPGs available on a mobile platform. It’s available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices. If you’re hooked on the fantasy video game developed by Gameloft and you want to get more out of it, we’ve got some Order & Chaos Online cheats that’ll help you make progress.
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As traveling is expensive, check out this tip. Make a second character and leave him at the auction house in Greenmont. Then use the mail to send him things to buy and sell. Why not include various skill books along with your items and armour?

Save up your grenadines, bronze minerals and poor furs because they sell for about 20-30s a stack (20 pieces) which is a great way to make more money.

Dying is incredibly expensive, especially when you get to higher levels. If you post all your money to an alternative character every time you head back to town, he can send it back when you need to go on a spending spree. You could also send small amounts of gold in separate letters from the alternative so you can get money from the mailbox without having to switch characters.

Most people know there is an Auction house in Greenmont, but did you know there’s also a single auctioneer in the city of Bellshoal you could use?


When you get new spells via talents, it is more than likely that there are already upgrades for that spell available at your class trainer. This is something that’s easily forgotten.

There are only 3 slots for spells that you can use immediately without scrolling but when you use a spell, the edge of the 4th slot becomes touchable which basically gives you a 4th spell to use without having to scroll.

More hints and tips

You’ll find more hints and tips at the forum for the game’s official site - orderchaosonline.com.

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