Oh dear. Last we heard from Taiwan's Foxconn, the gigantic manufacturer who makes the iPhone, PlayStation 3, XBox 360 and Wii amongst other things, it was grappling with a nasty spate of worker suicides.

That problem seems to have died down recently - or perhaps, with the 'death grip' reception issue providing plenty of negative headlines about Apple, the media has just lost interest in it. But you'd think that would have made the manufacturer extra careful not to lose any more workers through accidents. Not so! It's only gone and poisoned 250 of its workers.

This time it was a factory in India that caused the trouble. 250 workers were hospitalised - and the factory temporarily shut down - probably after the spraying of pesticide.

Apparently this is 'routine.' So, next time you drop your iPod in the loo and shake it to find it miraculously working, spare a thought for the borderline-bonkers steps taken to get it working so well...

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