Only £599

If you had £599 spare, just sitting in your back pocket, weighing you down, making sitting on the sofa less than comfortable, just being a basic inconvenience then is there a better place to spend it than in the iPhone app store? The problem has been in the past that if you’re uber keen to shed such an enormous wad of cash you’d have to buy about 300 of the little blighters but now that’s changed because a new app has hit the Apple store at the simple one-off payment of a mere £599 ($999).

The iVip Black app has been billed as the ‘millionaire’s app’ that gives their VIP users preferential rates and privileged access at various luxury places including Supercars, private members clubs and restaurants. But if you’re a scrooge and not willing to part with £599 then your luck is in because there’s even an iVip Blue app priced at £279.99. And if you’re just plain tight-fisted then you can try the sample app iVip Red for free.

Surprisingly, no reviews have been submitted in the app store so far so no one truly knows if the iVip Black app is value for money. So we suggest you just wait till the iVip Platinum.

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