Online Xbox games: Unrivalled Excellence

The xbox is an underpowered console that is beginning to show its age, no longer is the the best console for graphics or speed, It doesn't even have the best catalogue of games anymore with Sony's playstation library far outclassing it. It has an ace in its sleeve though, when you play online xbox games there is simply no gaming experience that quite matches it.

Halo and Gears of War call the Xbox home and are the two greatest onling games ever created. Add to that superior versions of games like Call of Duty and battlefield and you begin to get an idea that perhaps Microsoft are investing a lot into their online network.

Games aren't just better online on the Xbox they are superior in every way. The Live service offered by microsoft is unrivalled in the other consoles. You get flawless voice communication in game and across multiple games and a perfect connection so that you know when you have been killed that it wasn't just beacause of dreaded lag or delay.

Weather you are taking a leisurely drive in Burnout Paradise or frantically trying to reload your shotgun before the enemy does in Gears of War the place to do it is the Xbox. Yes there is a yearly fee of £50 but it is worth every penny.

The other systems do not come close to microsofts and you will agree once you try it out that when it comes to playin games online the only console worth owning is the Xbox 360.

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