The very best online Racing Games

As far as online racing games go there are two games out there that really stand out among a sea of half decent to awful attempts. While most people would expect Gran Turismo to be one of the two, it isn't.

Gran Turismo was forever in the making and they finished off with a pretty mediocre offering. While the graphics are stunning on some of the cars and tracks, it just feels unfinished. Things like damage only appear on certain cars, destroying any sense of realism. You can see why they announced GT6 straight after the release of GT5. It feels unfinished, even with all that extra time.

The first game you have to get if you are a 360 owner is Forza 3. This is the perfect blend of racing sim and raw driving power. While it is a little old it still holds up as the best of the bunch. The graphics are starting to look a little dated but the game is all there.

Online in this game is fantastic. You can jazz up your cars and take people on or you can even sell and trade vehicles. It really comes to life here and you will find it very hard to put down once you have picked it up. There is no wonder it received so many rave reviews.

The second is the arcade fun that is Burnout Paradise. This was released on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC. It is loved by people and the developers did an amazing job of keeping people playing.

This is the ultimate online game because you never really go offline. You can always see if people have beaten your records and you can challenge them with some really loopy challenge events.

The stunts and speed are about as epic as it can get in Burnout Paradise, making you crave more and more. There are hundreds of cars to choose from including toy cars, famous vehicles and other bikes. This is the ultimate package as far as online racing goes.

There you have it, two of the best racing games that are on the market, check them out!

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