The very best online Ps3 games

Online Ps3 games come in all different shapes and sizes. It really depends what you are into and since we can't ask you, here's the best that Playstation have to offer in pretty much every genre.

  • KillZone 3: As far as shooters go, this is the business end of Playstation's offerings. There have been some great modes added that you can unlock and play online and the community has really grown thanks to Killzone 2. A lot of people would argue that Resistance is number one but thanks to the recent release of Killzone 3, they have taken top spot.
  • Little Big Planet 2: This is the perfect online game for kids and adults alike. With an even deeper creator this time around, you can really take making games to the next level with Media Molecule. Upload and share your created content with a huge community of gamers.
  • Burnout Paradise: When it comes to online racing no one does it better than Burnout Paradise. With a huge open online world to drive around at breakneck speed, how could anyone not fall in love with this game. There has been countless great DLC added to Burnout, most of which was completely free. With the possibility of a new Burnout coming soon, this game is not to be missed.
  • Warhawk: As one of the PS3's first real online offerings you would expect Warkhawk to have been pushed back slightly. The truth is, people can't get enough of this crazy game. Fly ships, battle across huge terrain in epic battles, what's not to love right?
  • Metal Gear Online: This is easily one of the best, most fun online games you will ever play. While it is a little difficult to get into it just gets better and better then more you grow. There are tones of great modes and some really tense stand-offs. This is the best online game on the PS3 by far.

There you have it, a few real top drawer online Ps3 games to choose from, happy hunting!


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