The best of free online multiplayer games

It's a defining moment in every person's life: you're in your local video games shop, ready to purchase a stack full of the newest and greatest online multiplayer games when suddenly it strikes you, a strange alien thought: “Actually, maybe I'd be better off paying the rent”. Then, with great purpose and determination you put all the games back on the shelf and then leave the shop to the triumphant twin trumpets of forward financial planning and responsible shopping. And the warm glow of being a fiscally responsible adult stays with you for at least the time it takes to get home and realise that there's nothing for you to do, at which point you curse the evil capitalist system that makes you choose between the roof over your head and the online multiplayer games you love so much.

But there's no need to plan a glorious revolution to overthrow capitalism (yet), as it just so happen that a smart cookie can make the system work for them and enjoy the fruits of free online multiplayer games. In particular, the wonderfulness that is Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Heroes, which found at battlefieldheroes.com, is one of the best online multiplayer games around. For starters, it's made by the same guys that brought you the massively acclaimed series of of Battlefield games, and those guys are the masters of multiplayer design.

Battlefield Heroes has you playing as either a soldier, gunner or commando trying to capture certain key points on a large map. And while this scenario is familiar, what makes Battlefield Heroes stand out is how well all the elements hang together. From the cartoony visuals to wonderfully addictive music to the subtle humour, the whole thing has an understated charm that will keep you coming back for more. Plus, it's free to play, so how can you really complain about that?

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