Online cruising is expensive

The domain name cruises.co.uk has been sold for a record £560,000 to “cruise community” website cruise.co.uk (no “s”). Yes, we wondered what a “cruise community” might be, too, but unfortunately this is about big boats pootling round the Caribbean with unlimited food and some dodgy tans on board. The “online community for fans of cruises” is aimed at securing top Google rankings for its owners.

Half a million quid might seem a lot to pay for a web address, and it’s a record for a .co.uk domain, but when you look at the world records it’s peanuts. The top five as reported by WebUser tell us some unsurprising but still trenchant truths about what we really want from the internet. The most expensive domain – sex.com – sold for $12m in 2005, and is joined in the top five by porn.com, business.com, diamond.com (eh?) and beer.com.

Sex, porn, business, diamonds and beer – the ingredients for a full, if confusing, life…

(Image: from Savannah grandfather's flickr stream)

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