One Zillionaire and his dog

Being the world's youngest billionaire can't be easy. Especially if it means being Mark Zuckerberg, having brilliant-but-fictional 'true story' films made of your life, getting endless idiotic Facebook messages from people wanting to know how to poke, and getting constantly sued. What does the boy genius who has everything need to make the money-counting evenings more full of joy and warmth?

Well, how about a dog?

It's not the craziest idea, and lo and behold, it's what Mark Zuckerberg has got. Beast (what a brilliantly Mark Zuckerberg name - he probably wanted to just call it 'Dog') is a Puli, which is apparently a type of Hungarian Sheepdog. He was born in Grants Pass, Oregon. He is, apparently, very cute. His interests include cuddling, loving and eating. (Shame he's not human; we'd marry him in a heartbeat.)

How do we know all this? Because, of course, Beast has his own Facebook Page. So far the mutt is up to 33,775 'likes'; not bad for a pet. Is this the height of madness, or will all our dogs have their own Facebook pages soon? Does yours already?

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