One seriously pimped ride

Forget raised rims or a hot-rod engine - if you really want to pimp your ride, what matters is the tech setup inside. One company that knows this is Brabus, famous for slightly OTT tech upgrades of already-snazzy cars. This new 'iBusiness' concept is a case in point.

The upgrade takes a Mercedes S-Class - not a bad place to start - and adds a slew of sexy Appleness. There's dual entertainment screens powered by an iPod Touch, two iPads in the backs of the front seats with keyboards, and - in case you need the power of a full Mac OS X machine - a Mac Mini in the boot powering an extra screen that folds down from the ceiling.

Ridiculous? Of course. But also kind of amazing? Well, yeah. Want one? Well, Brabus aren't admitting the exact price, but you're looking at upwards of £60,000 just for the car, so we wouldn't recommend you crack open your piggy bank.

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