One last bit of Nintendo news

OK, OK, we know - you're sick of Nintendo news. Between the crazy Wii U and the adorable SupaBoy, it's all been a bit 'N' around these parts today. But we have one more piece of Nintendo-news to share with you, and it concerns a certain plumber.

That's right, Mario is back. And unlike fellow Nintendo hero Link, who's coming to the 3DS in a remake of the old (albeit amazing) title Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario is coming to Nintendo's new portable console in a brand-new game from the hand of the legendary Shigeru Miyomoto. It's just called Super Mario, as far as we can tell, which given that the last instalment was called New Super Mario Bros. just goes to prove that Nintendo have run out of name ideas. But that's a quibble - the game itself looks pretty darn sexy. We could explain in great detail, but wouldn't you rather just watch the trailer?

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