One is modern

The Queen's coronation in 1952 is remembered as the event which gave millions an excuse to buy a TV. Will the royal wedding next year be remembered as the equivalent for 3D?

'Sources' at the BBC and BSkyB have confirmed that they're in talks with high-up Royal types to film and screen the wedding of Will & Kate Middleton next year in 3D. It would be the first big live event apart from sports to be 3D-ised, the Telegraph reports.

Apparently if there's a stumbling block, it's not likely to be the fear of Wills' balding head shining more on a 3D set. It's the size of the cameras, which are quite a bit bigger than normal cameras. 'We want to avoid a situation where cameras are in guests' faces and ensure that the couple don't feel like they are in a television studio,' a royal aide said.

The broadcasters might deal with that by sharing cameras. So instead of having two different takes on the ceremony, we'll only have one - but in 3D. Which will mean nothing to 99% of the population. Ho hum. The 3D 'revolution' marches on.

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