Our top five UK Broadband providers

Broadband is a high bandwidth connection to the internet that provides users with an easier and faster way of connecting to the internet than the traditional telephone and modem method.

As a result, it is much easier and more efficient to use the internet at home if you have a broadband connection. So, if you are interested in getting broadband for you home, then check out this list we have compiled of the best UK broadband providers:

  1. Talk Talk

    This broadband package offers customers the rapid speed of 24Mb and allows for 40GB of downloads. This package also provides users with a free wireless router, unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and a 10% discount on your top 16 mobile and international numbers!

  2. Virgin Media

    This broadband package has a speed of up to 10Mb and benefits from an unlimited download capacity. This package also includes free Virgin Media security, a free wireless router, unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and free voicemail.

  3. BT

    This package has a speed of up to 20Mb and a download capacity of 10GB. This package also includes online security, parental controls, cheap broadband calls and secure online storage. Customers can also choose from range of packages which offer differing free call options.

  4. Sky

    Sky offer unlimited usage, 20Mb of download speeds and free evening and weekend calls. Customers also receive a free wireless router worth £50 and a 12 moth trial of McAfee Internet Security.

  5. Orange

    Orange offer unlimited downloads, and a rapid speed of up to 20Mb. Customers also receive a free router, free connection and three months free subscription. Customers also have a choice between free off peak calls or for an elevated price, free anytime UK calls.

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