On the Brink

We’ve already had a big look at Bethseda’s new shooter Brink, the FPS which focuses on personalisation of characters and teamplay. Now the developer has released a new trailer for the game, which is out on 13 May. In it, we get to see the SMART system, and how each class functions in the team, as well as some juicy footage of the game’s rapid gameplay.

What we like the best from what we’ve seen is far is the fact that the challenges, which aren’t part of the story mode, materially affect your character by providing the only access to new gadgets and weapon upgrades. This way they become integral to the campaign and multiplayer, instead of being tucked away as an option like with a lot of shooters. Of the rest the HUD looks great and easy to navigate, while the focus on working as a team is really enhanced by the class system, and you don’t have to remain one class the whole time: you can change at any command post, meaning you’re encouraged to take them. We like.

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