On me 'ead son

Personally, we'd settle for a regular human body if we could have Brad Pitt's. But others just think straight flesh and bone isn't good enough, and want a bit of robotic augmentation. Take Wafaa Bilal. (No, please, take him! Ho!)

The artist and professor of photography at New York University has an odd idea. He's going to have a piercing in the back of his head, and have a webcam attached to it. Every minute the camera will take a picture, and these pictures will form an exhibition in (for some reason) the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar.

Sounds crazy, but OK for a day or two, we guess. How long is this thing going to go on for? Hang on, let's check... a YEAR?!

That'll produce 525,600 pictures, as fans of the musical Rent will know. What proportion of those will be of Bilal's pillow, blackboard, or nude backside (when he's looking up in the shower to wash his face) has yet to be estimated...

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