OMG it's the Wii 2

There's going to be a new Nintendo console! It's going to be shown off next month! We're so excited we can hardly wait. And we're hearing all these crazy rumours - there's going to be a screen in the controller? Oh, why can't we just see it now?!

Psst... you can.

Yes, we bet Nintendo's PR folks are literally exploding with rage at this one. Someone very naughty video'd a section of an internal Nintendo presentation about the new device last month, and put the video on the internet. You can just about see the hardware itself in the bottom of the pic, but more exciting is the slide which shows the design of the controller - and appears to confirm that it'll have a screen in it, while otherwise looking like a reasonably traditional console controller. We'd bet it still has the WiiMote's motion-sensing capabilities, though.

Have a look. Seriously. Have a look. Is it real? No-one's said otherwise, yet.

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