OMG Genius

This might just be the best idea we've ever heard. The latest hot iPhone app doesn't let you manage a virtual farm, and it doesn't let you find potential sex partners. It does something so much more important: it saves you time. To be precise, it saves you time spent waiting on hold.

FastCustomer is an iPhone app which waits on hold for you. You tell it who you want to call, and it phones them and presses the necessary selection of buttons to get put on hold. Then, when the call is finally answered, a message tells the call-center bod to press 1 to be connected to the customer - and your phone rings.

Genius! Are we right?

As Mashable reports:

The startup differs from its closest competitor, LucyPhone, in that it deals with phone tree options on its own. LucyPhone asks customers to select the appropriate options before freeing them from the phone while the service waits on hold in their places. With FastCustomer, the first time the customer picks up the phone it is to speak with a human.

To accomplish this, FastCustomer co-founder Aaron Dragushan personally spent days on hold with about 1,000 different companies. He learned the optimal path to a human operator on each customer service line, and programed FastCustomer to choose those options.

Now for the bad news: it's not available in the UK yet. To get through the menus and onto hold, FastCustomer has to manually understand each company's systems, so it will take a while for it to spread over here. But it's one to put on your app Christmas list, yes?

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