Old Twitter, RIP

Usually, when a website launches a new version, that's pretty much it. The old one disappears. Sometimes, they'll be a soft launch where users are given the option to upgrade at a time of their choosing. But within a few weeks everyone is normally automatically booted forward. Take, for example, Facebook's new profile pages, which were introduced last autumn as an optional upgrade before becoming mandatory in January.

When Twitter introduced a new version of their website - lovingly nicknamed #newtwitter - last year, we're sure they intended the same thing to happen. But while New Twitter got good reviews from tech types, a big minority of users preferred the older, simpler version. So Twitter kept it around, giving users the option to switch in and out of the old version at any time.

Then a few months ago, a bar started appearing at the top of the screen for Old Twitter users, telling them the version of the site they were using wouldn't 'be around for much longer.' They also conducted a survey, to ask people why they weren't upgrading. We're guessing some work went into the speed of the site as a result, since New Twitter scrolls a lot faster on older computers than it used to.

Whatever the cause, the company's now decided it's time to send Old Twitter to that great internet archive in the sky. As of this week, users who were still clinging on to the old times will find themselves launched onto the new site and left to fend for themselves. We reckon Twitter has done enough to improve the performance of the new site that this is fair enough at this stage. But what do you think?

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