Old pad, new tricks!

Well, this is interesting. We thought Apple would save any cool new iPad features for for the soon-to-be-announced-we-think iPad 2, but it seems the original might still have a few tricks up its sleeve. A couple of days ago Apple released the beta of iOS 4.3, the latest update to the iPhone and iPad's software. And it's provided a fair few goodies. As we told you yesterday, it lets users choose to use the mute switch as a rotation lock, much to the glee of critics.

And there's more. It turns out that for iPad owners, iOS 4.3 brings with it a whole heap of cool new multi-touch gestures. Use four or five fingers and you can do a bunch of new things. 'A pinch brings you to the Home Screen, a swipe up or down reveals and hides the multitasking bar, and swipes left or right allow you to switch between apps,' Gizmodo explains.

The left-and-right app switching is really cool - it's worth checking out Gizmodo's video. That and the pinch-for-home-screen function has sparked rumours that the iPad 2 might not have a home button. We reckon that's probably premature. But who cares about the iPad 2! The millions who bought the first model have some cool new tricks to try, that's story enough for one day, we reckon.

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